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4 Ways Entrepreneurial Thinking Can Bolster Your Job Search

DATE: April 2, 2020

Thinking like an entrepreneur can go a really long way in any situation. Yet it’s most helpful when an entrepreneur wants to step out of working for themselves and shift back into working for someone else.

Bringing forth your entrepreneurial side will take you far on the job hunt. Follow our guide to find out how.

1. Always be marketing, selling and closing

In the world of entrepreneurship there are many popular sayings, such as “always be marketing,” “always be selling,” and “always be closing.” In today’s challenging business climate, this is even more paramount. Most people think that entrepreneurial traits only apply to the success of business owners.

The same traits apply to the executive job hunt and once you are on the job. If you’re currently looking for a job, you must always be marketing, selling and closing. This includes positioning yourself as an expert on social media outlets such as Twitter, going the extra mile in connecting with people and perhaps even incorporating some online marketing strategies.

Potential employers will see this and it will attract them to want to interview you. Companies want positive voices on their team more than ever.

2. Focus on providing value.

There’s a big difference in the perception of being an employee versus being an entrepreneur. Employees get paid for their time, putting in a set amount of time into their work to generate results, entrepreneurs get paid for providing value…whether it takes a little bit of time or a lot of time to generate. How does this apply to your job hunt? When you’re vying for a leadership position it’s more about what value you can provide than how many hours of work you’ll be putting in.

This may be a subtle difference, but it really packs a punch. Imagine what an impression you’ll make to a potential employer if you can tell them what value you provide for the company. That’s essentially what they are looking for – what you can do for them.

A good question to ask yourself to get clear on this is “How can I be of service to this company and provide value?”

3. Think Creatively

There is a high level of value placed on people who can solve problems. Oftentimes solving problems requires thinking creatively. Being able to put yourself outside of an obstacle in order to find a solution speaks volumes about what kind of an executive you will be.

One great way to articulate this to potential employers is to look at past experiences where you’ve put out some fires. Have a few stories in your back pocket for those situational interview questions.

4. The fortune is in the follow up.

There’s another saying entrepreneurs often hear in business, “The fortune is in the follow up.” Essentially, business owners can lose up to half their revenue by not following up with prospects.

The same applies to your job hunt. Imagine losing half your job prospects just because you didn’t shoot over an email following up on the progress of your application.

Some people really fear following up because they don’t want to sound annoying. The reality is that it’s your job to let employers know what you can provide for them. If that requires you to check-in then in it’s in your best interest to do so.

If you need or want to shift into a job search after being an entrepreneur, then know you the fire you felt in your soul to start a business can be an asset when looking for your next role.

April 2, 2020


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