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Tips and Tools for Managing your Operations Remotely

by Donna Miller

Here at C3Workplace, we’ve been virtual for a long time. We eliminated our onsite server over 10 years ago taking our data to the cloud. Then we moved our Outlook and email to a hosted solution and...Learn More

How To Leverage Contract Work To Supplement Your Business.


I remember when I started my own business back in 2009, I thought I was done having to look for a job. Silly me. It was 2009. Times were challenging as they are now. I had to face the reality of...Learn More

4 Ways Entrepreneurial Thinking Can Bolster Your Job Search


Thinking like an entrepreneur can go a really long way in any situation. Yet it’s most helpful when an entrepreneur wants to step out of working for themselves and shift back into working for...Learn More

Three defensive cash strategies to keep your business alive

by Anna Masker

The COVID-19 virus has left many businesses struggling to survive. Demand has dried up, customers are taking longer to pay, vendors demanding payment and tightening credit. The overhead you were...Learn More

Leading and creating culture in times of Change / Crisis

by Laura Crothers Osborn

Spending the better part of the last few weeks on the phone with leaders of companies and HR departments, I see three critical actions for leaders in defining their cultures and leadership...Learn More


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