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Kerry Barett

Kerry Barett, Owner, Founder, CEO, Kerry Barrett Consulting

Kerry Barrett Consulting provides individuals, and groups with the resources and information they need to enhance their public appearance in the best way possible. Your training helps you create dynamic confidence and presentation skills that assure you nail your media exposure.

Preparation is crucial when stepping out of your comfort zone and speaking on behalf of your brand. Industry nuances are likely not your forte, but they are mine. Leveraging broadcast and production know-how, our sessions, seminars, and boot camps, train you to be on your A-game while remaining authentic to your true self and vision.

No two speeches, approaches, or people are the same, and neither are our programs. Don’t dread your next presentation or fear being on camera anymore. With so many opportunities to share your skills, you must be prepared to shine.

With over 20 years of on-air experience as a news anchor, reporter, and producer on NBC, Fox News, and, ABC, Emmy-Award winning Kerry Barrett knows what it takes to be performance ready. She has interviewed heads of state such as Janet Napolitano, financial shaman Suze Orman, and top celebrities such as Bradley Cooper, as well as prepared luminaries for debates. She has proven skills that make her unflappable and unstoppable.

You are your personal brand. Are you ready for your close up? How you present yourself to the world is crucial, and you don’t have a second chance to get it right. Kerry Barrett Consulting builds better speakers, impactful leaders, and powerful presenters. Through a proven methodology applied to custom solutions tailored to your requirements, KBC makes you the star of your show.

KBC has developed proven strategies to build confidence, overcome fear, and deliver on-point, on cue. Specializing in One-on-One Bootcamps or Team Workshops, KBC customizes each engagement to suit our client’s media and performance objectives. To be memorable, impactful, and indelible.

Kerry Barrett Consulting. Empower Your Performance.


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